thats right Dan…

you got it back! boom!

Finally a happy blog, im meeting a nice girl for a coffee before work tomorrow and then im back to acctually having hours, then seeing the wombats and getting a new car and finally this year can well be insanely good!

Bring on 2012 motherfuckers. 

Pretty sure its only fair to say

My marge needs to get aids and die of them.


I think…maybe…


And I’m kinda like…

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Thats one of my flat whites isnt it?

Thats one of my flat whites isnt it?


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aaah yes aye

So far nothing has been more cotch then just listening to some enter shikari and playing fifa.

days off are good.

now time to take a walk into town as i have not had any fresh air since i woke up.


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Yeeeeeeeeeah boiii

Yeeeeeeeeeah boiii

Just can’t

even imagine what i am feeling like now.

ho hummmm